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Also known as Adirondack siding, Natural Edge, Live Edge and Featheredge siding, our premium flitch siding is a highly popular product. Flitch siding is rough sawn 1" x 12" (approximate width) boards that have one edge left un-squared and following the natural contour of the debarked log. A small kick strip is put under the first course of paneling to provide the beveled appearance.

Novelty Siding

This is another product with many names — some are drop siding, cove siding, Dutch lap, & Pattern 105. This siding is available in 6" and 8" widths in clear or knotty grades. The clear grade is recommended if you are going to paint your siding. If you are planning on staining your siding, either knotty or clear grade is a beautiful choice.

Board and Batten

Called barn siding by some, our Board and Batten siding is rustic, traditional, and timeless. With the added benefits of being inexpensive and easy to install, it is a popular choice.



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